I was born in Patagonia, Argentina. At the age of 17 I moved to Buenos Aires to go to university, and I have resided here ever since. With a multidisciplinary practice, grounded in painting and drawing I incorporated embroidery, collages, and installations to explore and interrogate about cultural identities, transcultural influences, gender role, social standards and aesthetics, borders and permeability.  I use the domestic space and it´s relationship with the natural world as a model for this investigation, and the ornament as the visual language that better evokes symbolic links between these worlds. I participated in several exhibitions in Argentina, USA (NY, Chicago, Miami and Pittsburgh), UK and Spain.  Some of my solo shows include “Perro – Lobo” (2020) invited by ICBC Bank Fundation in Buenos Aires; “Utotropico” (2018) awarded by Centro Cultural San Martin in Buenos Aires and “The works of Lia Porto” (2016)  by Kroto Fine Arts in Chicago. I have been included in some international art publishings like Venti Journal, volume Senses (2022), El Hurgador Arte en Red (2022), Textile Curator (2020), The New Collectors Book (NY 2014), Inside the Studio Saatchi Art interview (2014). I was awarded the Janet Bass Award for Creativity and Innovation at FiberArt International 2022, Pittsburgh, USA, the 3rd Prize at Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales, Palais de Glace 2021 (textile) and the First Prize Acquisition at the III Salón Nacional Vicentín 2014 and I have been included in “The best of 2014” collection by Saatchi Art. My works are in private collections in Argentina, USA, Germany, Switzerland, England and Slovenia.