Sacatar Residency

Mar/12 to May/01

Recibi una beca de la Fundación Sacatar (Itaparica, Brasil) para desarrollar durante siete semanas (Marzo-Mayo 2023) un proyecto dentro del programa "Artists Engage with the Many Facets of Bahia, Past , Present and Future" ("Los artistas se comprometen con las multiples facetas de Bahia pasado, presente y futuro" / I have been awarded a fellowship for Sacatar Foundation (Itaparica, Brazil) where I developed a project during seven weeks (March-May 2023) for the program "Artists Engage with the Many Facets of Bahia, Past , Present and Future" .

During this residency I plan to deepen my research on cultural intersections and the enriching power of hybridization. I’m interested in developing visual narratives that reflect complex, diverse, heterogeneous interactions. To do this, I use recovered domestic textiles. The inclusion of rediscovered textiles incorporates the idea of memory imprinted onto them through usage. Those memories evoke not only personal stories but also collective experiences and cultural identifications. During my stay, I aim to create a connection with local culture through found and forged fabrics produced in the area, incorporating them into my own catalog. The pieces that I will create using these fabrics and my own will be a new territory that embraces coexistence and cooperation. For this work, I will use handmade techniques of sewing, embroidery, painting and collage.